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Best Forex Brokers and FX Trading Platforms - 
The foreign exchange, also known as forex, is a global marketplace for buying and selling currency pairs. The forex market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, allowing traders to exchange global currencies 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

However, with so many forex brokers to choose from, picking the right forex trading platform for your needs is not easy. To help you decide, we’ve reviewed dozens of forex brokers on a variety of factors including assets, regulation, trading platform, user reviews, and fees.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced forex trader, here are the best forex brokers in the industry.

Top 8 Best Forex Brokers of 2022

  • XTB: Best forex broker overall
  • IG: Best for U.S. traders
  • Etoro: Best for trading cryptocurrency
  • Plus500: Best for trading forex CFDs
  • Forex.com: Best customer service
  • Interactive Brokers: Most advanced charting tools
  • CMC Markets: Best for spread betting
  • Saxo Bank: Best selection of FX pairs

#1. XTB: Best Forex Broker Overall

As one of the largest forex brokers in the world, XTB has a stellar reputation for providing a best-in-class trading experience. Around since 2002, they’re a veteran in the space, though not necessarily the most senior (IG probably gets that distinction).

Still, with nearly two decades of experience, XTB has developed superior technology that they continue to adapt and improve, earning them a spot on our list of the best forex brokers. After becoming a foreign exchange brokerage house in Poland, they quickly expanded and now have thirteen offices across Europe.

With XTB, you can trade on over 2,100 global markets and gain access to a broad asset class of more than 4,000 instruments. These include forex currency pairs, stock and ETF CFDs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency. For forex, you can trade 48 different currency pairs. The currency pairs also include the most popular, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP.

Trading Platforms Overview

XTB offers xStation 5 and xStation 5 mobile along with MT4. xStation 5 is XTB’s proprietary trading app, and it’s comparable in design and functionality to MetaTrader4. However, it does lack the ability to create custom indicators, which is a base feature in MT4 and a staple in currency trading.

Forex traders also have access to a demo account that gives you $100,000 in free currency to play with and 200:1 leverage. The demo broker’s trading platform trial is limited to four weeks, so make sure you’re ready to start to trade forex before signing up for the trial.

The platform has everything you’d expect to see in an online forex broker, including comprehensive charts and trading tools, a robust trading calculator, and real-time currency market sentiment information.

#2. IG: Best for U.S. Traders

IG is our choice for the best forex broker overall. IG offers an extensive list of markets to trade, competitive pricing, trading signals, and industry-leading education.

With an extensive range of awards under their belt, IG's currency trading platform is an ideal choice for all types of traders, from beginner to advanced.

Markets to Trade

IG offers an impressive selection of over 17,000 tradable assets including indices, stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

IG offers 4 different ways to trade the global financial markets including:

Spread Betting: Speculate on future market price movements without having to purchase the underlying asset.

CFDs: Trade the difference in market price between opening your contract and closing it.

Turbo24s: Control your leverage and cap your risk as you trade unique on-venue securities.

Vanilla Options: These are traditional call and put options that are best suited for advanced traders. Choose your expiry, strike price, and premium to control leverage when buying.

Note: U.S. traders only have access to forex pairs, with spreads starting at 0.8 pips on EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

Trading Platforms

Web Platform

The IG web trading platform is created to offer traders a fast, clear, and smart way to trade spot forex via a web browser. Features of the web platform include:

Easily open, close, and edit positions in just a couple clicks.

Choose between a light or dark theme platform and customize your workspaces to fit your needs.

Adjustable smart settings that remember your position sizes and stop values.

View the same market across multiple time frames simultaneously with split charts.

Apply a variety of indicators and drawings without sacrificing speed.

Mobile Trading Apps

IG offers a variety of mobile trading apps that allow you to trade forex from any iPhone or Android device. The IG mobile trading app offers full trading functionality with a range of technical indicators, customizable alerts, and advanced trading options.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a third-party trade platform that offers access to a range of tools and features to help you customize your trading experience. You can use these tools to help build your own trading algorithms, which may help automate your trading.

When you trade forex on MetaTrader 4 with IG, you'll have access to over 50 FX pairs. You can go long or short with spreads starting at 0.8 pips. MetaTrader 4 also comes with 18 free add-ons and indicators that you can use, as well as thousands more that are available for purchase.

#3. Etoro: Great for Copy Trading

Launched in 2007, eToro focuses on the cryptocurrency markets, but that doesn’t mean forex traders can’t use it. Though most of the features are comparable to the best forex brokers, where eToro shines is with its copy trading feature.

With CopyTrader, you can directly copy expert traders’ strategies, trades, and portfolios. This feature alone has resulted in more average profitwhen users copied the most popular advanced traders.

In addition to being able to trade 40 global FX pairs, eToro’s CFD (contracts for difference) platform allows access to commodities, indices, stocks, and, of course, cryptocurrencies. Trading CFDs allows you to trade solely on the price movements of various financial markets and instruments without having to own the underlying asset. This strategy can allow you to gain capital quickly, while minimizing trading costs.

Instead, you pay a small percentage of the asset price (called trading on margin), and you can make a profit (or take a loss) depending on the asset’s price direction. This strategy is how experienced traders can make massive gains by taking advantage of leverage. The other forex brokers on our list also offer CFDs.

Trading Platform Overview

With an intuitive interface, the eToro platform can be easy to use for forex traders of all levels. You can view an asset’s performance at a glance, and there’s even an app to trade forex from a mobile device. The platform is accessible from 140 countries, though the exact features and available markets will vary based on your location.

#4. Plus 500: Best for Trading CFDs on Forex

Plus500 is one of the UK’s top trading platforms, and it is the largest CFD provider across Europe, particularly in the UK, Germany, and Spain.

With Plus500, investors of all skill levels can start trading CFDs for a variety of instruments, including stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, and forex currency pairs. Though you can use Plus500 to trade the actual instruments, the focus is primarily on CFDs, so it’s best for traders who want to work in this arena.

As a reminder, with CFDs, you don’t actually own the stock, commodity, or currency. Instead, you’re betting on the direction that the price of the asset will move and collecting a profit or sustaining a loss based on the accuracy of your prediction.

Trading Platform Overview

The Plus500 interface is clean and fairly intuitive, so you may feel comfortable navigating it whether you’re a beginner or a forex pro. There is an Android app available for mobile trading, and they recently launched an app for iOS and Mac. If you’re choosing the web application, Plus500 is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers. Keep in mind that the web app is not available in the United States.

To run Plus500’s Windows 10 Trader platform natively, you’ll need a device that runs Windows 10 or higher or an Xbox One.

Plus500 also offers a free demo account, so you can experiment with different trading strategies without putting any of your own money at risk or incurring any trading costs.

#5. Forex.com: Highly Rated Forex Trading App

With brand name recognition (especially as part of StoneX), Forex.com is a popular choice and often one of the first forex trading platforms that investors look to. As an online broker that’s publicly traded on the NASDAQ, Forex.com is highly trusted in the industry. They’re also the most regulated, with four tier-one jurisdictions under their belt.

U.S.-based users also flock to Forex.com for its longevity (around since 2001) and the high number of currency pairs available. At publication, Forex.com offers more than 80 FX pairs. They also offer the ability to trade gold and silver, as well as futures and futures options. In some countries, you can use Forex.com to trade cryptocurrency and other assets, but this feature is not currently available in the United States.

Though Forex.com doesn’t boast the lowest prices, they do offer flexible and competitive fees, based on five different levels, ranging from standard to pro. A typical spread for most forex pairs is 1.3 pips and sometimes higher than 2, though one-pip trades are available for some pairings. In ultra-favorable conditions, the spread can be as low as 0.77 pips.

Trading Platform Overview

Forex.com recognizes that there are nearly as many different types of traders as there are trades that can be executed. For this reason, you’ll be armed with every platform imaginable, including Forex.com’s web-based platform and MetaTrader4. Ninja Trader is an excellent trading platform that’s also available. Mobile functionality is also an option.

One of the reasons Forex.com is on the list of best forex trading platforms is that you can use advanced charting tools by TradingView to view more than 10 different types of charts, including 14 timeframes and dozens of drawing tools.

#6. Interactive Brokers: Reputable Brokerage With Good Reviews

Interactive Brokers, or IBKR for short, gives global access to traders who want to invest in stocks, bonds, options, futures, and currencies. So, whether you’re a forex trader or you’re exploring Bitcoin, Interactive Brokers is potentially well-suited to your needs.

Trading Platform Overview

This platform has gotten numerous accolades from Investopedia, Nerdwallet, Barron’s, and Stockbroker.com. One of the reasons for the widespread popularity is that the platform was built with the needs of a professional investor in mind―without forgetting to include the usability features that a novice will appreciate.

The platform includes a front-facing client portal that gives a trader insights into their portfolio at a glance. There’s also a Trader Workstation that provides power and flexibility to execute trades across multiple asset classes. At last count, you could execute 20 different order types.

And, of course, being in the 21st century, there’s gotta be an app. IBKR also has APIs that you can access to build custom trading applications.

#7. CMC Markets: Regulated Broker for Currency Trading

CMC Markets is credited with the first ever online forex trade back in 1996 using the platform’s proprietary MarketMaker software.

The first office sprang up in Sydney, Australia, and the company now has locations in New York and Toronto. Currently, Goldman Sachs has a 10% stake in CMC Markets.

Traders can execute trades via CFDs and spread betting. Though the spread will vary, it is highly competitive. On average, a trader can count on a spread of 0.8 pips or something within that range. Using CFDs and spread betting, forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares, share baskets, and treasuries can all be traded.

Platform Overview

Conscious of the vast diversity in experience levels among traders, CMC Markets offers one of the best forex broker platforms that’s both intuitive and powerful. You can choose from more than 70 chart patterns and a dozen types of charts. Overlay your charts with 115 technical indicators and drawing tools for maximum levels of insights.

Perhaps one of the coolest options is a price projection tool, which is part of the pattern recognition suite. There’s also the option to view client sentiment to see how other traders feel about an asset in real-time.

All of these features are available on any device, including iPhone and Android devices. Further, you can also access MetaTrader 4 (MT4) seamlessly.

#8. Saxo Bank: Great Selection of Advanced Trading Tools

With the mission of placing “the world at your fingertips,” Saxo Bank offers 40,000+ different financial products and easily makes our list of top forex brokers. To help alleviate confusion from this plethora of choice, Saxo Bank also gives clients access to educational tools and informational products to enrich knowledge (and wealth).

This forex broker is fully licensed and regulated as a European bank and supervised by the Danish FSA. They’ve been under this directive since 1996 and maintain good standing.

Trading Platform Overview

Saxo Bank offers a variety of advanced trading platforms to suit the needs of any trader. Their proprietary trading platform, SaxoTraderGO allows traders to view and trade all of Saxo Bank’s available asset classes, including forex currency pairs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, cryptocurrencies, and leveraged products (such as CFDs in some regions). Further, the interface can be accessed via both mobile and desktop.

For more professional traders, there’s SaxoTraderPRO. This platform gives traders the option to graduate from one screen to six screens. It also allows for algorithmic ordering.

In addition to using Saxo Bank’s trading platform, you can also expand your trading options by adding third-party tools and their API.

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